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Jasper Art Review

Jasper Art is the most recent game-changing feature to be added to Jasper’s list of capabilities. In case you aren’t familiar with Jasper, we recently wrote a detailed overview of  Jasper AI

What is Jasper Art?

With Jasper Art, you can create highly detailed art in a matter of moments. It’s very easy to use, even if you don’t have any prior experience with graphic design. All you need to do is provide Jasper with a set of directions to follow. Similar to Jasper’s written content counterpart, the more information you give Jasper Art the better. The program pulls inspiration from existing images on the internet, so allowing it to sift through more data increases the likelihood that the AI generated image will turn out well. 

A wealth of options are at your disposal with Jasper Art. You have the ability to customize the atmosphere, medium and can choose to emulate the style of several acclaimed artists from different decades. Jasper Art even allows you to upscale your images so you can get the right resolution for your needs!

The Jasper team continues to innovate as they plan to add even more options in the near future. 

Here are some of our favorite images we’ve made in the short amount of time Jasper Art has been available:

AI Generated Images

AI Image of polar bear playing golf
AI Generated Art "Polar Bear Playing Golf"

Jasper Art Gallery

AI Generated Art Sunset
AI Generated Art Mickey Mouse
AI Generated Art Mountains
AI Generated Photo of gorilla

The rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence is one that’s sure to change the way we think about and interact with technology. 

Artificial intelligence is becoming advanced at a rapid pace and has become a great tool to help us create and finish projects at a faster pace. 

Japser Art Examples

One of my favorite features of Jasper art is the enhance prompt features. In the example below, I started with the prompt “robot playing golf” and Jasper added the details inside the text prompt. 

Jasper Art Example

How does Jasper create art?

Jasper Art can whip up amazing images just from a text prompt. It’s trained on a massive library of images and can understand different elements, objects, and styles.

When you give Jasper Art a prompt, make sure it has a subject, some details, and a style. Jasper then dives into its image collection and starts mixing and matching parts to create a totally original image that fits your description. It’s smart enough to know the differences between various concepts and emotions.

To get the best out of Jasper Art, practice giving clear and descriptive prompts, and you’ll see how it turns your ideas into fantastic visuals.

How to Use Jasper Art

Jasper Art can create high-quality images in a matter of moments. You need to provide Jasper with text instructions, and you’ll be good to go! Jasper Art is versatile and can create a wide range of photos. The AI can be used to generate the perfect image for your new blog post! Or you use it to make a wacky image to show your friends. 

Here is a brief video that we recorded showing off just how efficient Jasper Art can be:

The Jasper team uploaded an official Youtube video where they share some tips you can follow to make your Jasper creations even more remarkable:

In case you don’t have the time to watch that video in its entirety, here are the cliff notes:

  • Provide as many descriptive words as possible
  • Separate information with commas. This helps Jasper better understand details.
  • Use the phrase “In the style of” to give Jasper a better idea of what you want.
  • If you are trying to create a realistic piece, use words like “insane detail, detailed, or ultra-realistic.”
  • If an image doesn’t return to your liking, reevaluate the keywords you are feeding Jasper and try again. It isn’t always perfect the first time!

Pros and Cons of Jasper Art AI



Jasper Art and Commercial Use

Jasper Art’s AI-generated images can be for commercial projects. You can use these images in a variety of creative ways but make sure to follow some basic ethical and legal guidelines.

If you’re using images with recognizable people, logos, or characters, be sure to get the necessary permissions first. 

Can Artificial Intelligence Generate True Art?

AI-generated art has become viable at a shocking rate. The stuff that was being produced by AI algorithms just last year seems primitive compared to the art that’s coming out today. So naturally, this has stirred some controversy about the legitimacy of AI-produced art. Some believe that if a machine makes something, it’s not true art at all. Others see AI as a tool that should be used to enhance human capabilities. 

AI Art Controversy

This debate came to a head last year when a man won first place at an art competition using an AI-generated piece (seen below). 

AI art controversy
Théâtre D’opéra Spatial by Jason Allen Jason Allen

Many believe it is unfair to compare man-made art and AI-generated images during competition and I, for one, agree. I think AI art belongs in its own separate category. It should be viewed as a tool.


AI-generated art is an exciting phenomenon. Machines can now produce art at a nearly indistinguishable level from the most skilled human artists. Something that was thought impossible mere years ago. This has undoubtedly worried some and excited others. I view it as an opportunity. Small business owners can easily create high-quality images for their website, blog, and marketing using AI. Try out Jasper AI for yourself for only $49/month.

Jasper Art Alternatives

As great as Jasper Art is, there are plenty of worthwhile alternatives. Consider trying out:




Stable Diffusion 


Learn more about our favorite AI art generators here. If you are in the market for AI art tools, you may also be curious to learn about different AI content creation / writing tools. Here is our favorite AI writing tools. 


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