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LatePoint Online Booking Plugin

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LatePoint Online Scheduling Plugin

Why We’re Adding LatePoint to Our Toolkit for Online Scheduling and Appointments

Online Booking for WordPress

In the web design business, staying ahead means constantly seeking tools that benefit our clients. We frequently have to test WordPress plugins to help our clients achieve their goals. Lately, we’ve been asked about online booking from several clients, particularly those in the service industries or IV hydration business.  In the past, we usually directed our clients to a third-party solution like Calendly or Book Like a Boss, but that made it difficult for us to set up scheduling for our clients because we were using tools separate from their websites. 

Several WordPress booking plugins, such as Amelia and Fluent Booking, have recently been released. I initially considered Fluent Booking because I’m a big fan of Fluent Forms. However, when Brainstorm Force announced that it had acquired LatePoint, it piqued my interest because I am a long-time user of some of their tools, such as Astra, and have been blown away by their AI website builder, ZipWP.  After testing LatePoint, we purchased the agency license to use it on our clients’ websites. 

LatePoint Pro Addons

LatePoint Pro Addons offer a range of features to enhance the booking process. These addons, free with a Pro license, include:

  1. Custom Fields: Allows creation of conditional custom fields during booking.
  2. Role Manager: Enables custom roles with specific access capabilities.
  3. Taxes: Adds tax and service charge options, either as a percentage or fixed value.
  4. Webhooks: Integrates third-party API services like Zapier through webhooks.
  5. Chat: Facilitates customer communication, including file sharing.
  6. Coupons: Provides the ability to offer booking coupons to customers.
  7. Google Calendar and Meet: Syncs with Google Calendar and creates video meetings.
  8. Group Bookings: Supports group bookings with adjustable capacities.
  9. Locations: Adds support for managing multiple locations.
  10. Mailchimp: Automates adding customers to Mailchimp marketing lists.
  11. Payments: Multiple payment processing options, including Braintree, Flutterwave, Mercado Pago, Mollie, PayPal, Paystack, Razorpay, Square, and Stripe.
  12. QR Code Info: Generates QR codes for bookings, adding appointments to customer calendars.
  13. Reminders: Sends SMS and email reminders before and/or after appointments.
  14. Service Durations: Allows multiple service durations with custom pricing.
  15. Service Extras: Adds additional service options.
  16. SMS Twilio: Sends text message notifications via Twilio.
  17. TimeZone Selector: Adds a timezone selector for booking and customer profiles.
  18. Zoom Meetings: Automatically generates Zoom meetings for appointments.

These addons collectively enhance customer interaction, payment flexibility, appointment management, and integration with other services.

Demonstration of Late Point Appointment Scheduling for WordPress


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