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Jasper Art - Text to Image

Jasper Art’s text-to-image creation software is now available as a standalone product for only $20/month. We recently reviewed Jasper Art and compared other AI Image Generators that are currently available. 

Jasper Livestream Overview

Recently, Jasper AI’s CEO, Dave Rogenmoser, put to rest any doubts that artificial intelligence was just a fad. Dave hosted a live stream where he detailed Jasper’s explosive success, improvements he hopes to make, and features we can expect to see in the future.

In case you missed the live stream, we are going to detail everything that was discussed. However, one thing is for sure: the future of AI looks bright, and Jasper AI is here to stay.

The broadcast began with CEO Dave Rogenmoser talking about how much Jasper has grown. It was just January of last year when the team consisted of less than ten people; now, the number has risen to nearly 200. Since then, Jasper AI has raised 125 million dollars and was given a valuation of 1.5 billion from investors. What started as a simple AI writing assistant has become a full-blown AI content platform. As a thank you to all Jasper supporters, 10,000 free credits have been added to the accounts of all existing customers. Dave plans to funnel these profits back into Jasper to help improve the platform.

Luckily for us, we won’t have to wait long to see these improvements and updates. Many of them launched today! Here is a list of all of Jasper’s new features:

Jasper Content Updates - New Templates and Plugins

Jasper Chrome Extension

  • Jasper Chrome Extension can be used to:
    • Generate emails
    • Write content for Google Docs
    • Come up with custom tweets
    • Write high-quality Youtube titles and descriptions
    • Generate Linkedin posts. AI was trained on thousands of high-engagement Linkedin posts.
  • One-Shot Blog Post – Generates a completed blog post with an intro, body, and conclusion. Great for a starting point; you can use other tools/templates to improve details.

  • Content Summarizer (bullets) – Takes a piece of long-form content and condenses it down into a few easily-digestible bullet points

  • Tone Detector – Paste your content into this template, and Jasper will tell you the tone of your writing. This is useful for making sure your content will come across well to your readers. 

Jasper Workflows Explained

Perhaps the most important announcement of the whole event was Workflows. Workflows is a new way to write thorough documents using Jasper, and the team hopes to add more Workflows in the future. 

But what is Workflow? And how can you use it? Well, like with all of Jasper’s tools, it’s delightfully straightforward. Provide Jasper with a detailed outline, and watch the magic happen! Workflows is similar to the One-Shot Blog Post but offers more customization options on your end. You create a desired outline, and Jasper takes this information to create something that is truly unique.

Jasper workflows

Jasper Art Updates

Jasper AI is not just a content creation tool. As of a few months ago, Jasper now specializes in generating AI art. Jasper Art launched to a very positive reception thanks to its quality, versatility, and affordability. However, there were a few notable kinks that need to be ironed out. Dave touched on these issues and said the team is working hard to improve Jasper Art

We can expect to see improvements to Jasper Art’s image quality in the coming months; Jasper will support 4k resolution and offer more consistent quality. 

Jasper now allows users to upscale their images. This can be done by clicking the download button at the top right of your newly-created image. From there you can choose your desired resolution. 

Jasper art upscaling


The presentation ended with CEO Dave Rogenmoser telling us more about his long-term plans. As time goes on, he hopes to integrate Jasper into more platforms and mediums. The chrome extension is just the start. He mentioned a Safari extension at some point further down the road. We hope to see even more innovation over the next few years. 

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