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Using Business Texting (SMS) in your Business

Business Texting SMS

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Small business owners are sometimes faced with the difficult decision of which digital marketing tools to employ. With so many options, it can be hard to know where and how best to spend their time or money in order to promote a given product on any platform without wasting resources.

The COVID pandemic has led to a shift in the way some businesses operate. Businesses are now adapting their services from in-person interactions to online or reexamining how existing digital practices can better suit employees and customers. The most notable change is that text messaging was originally popular before COVID and continues its popularity during this time of crisis, offering fast communication

How your business can benefit from using text messaging

In today’s world, smartphones are a necessity. We use our phones for everything from checking the weather to watching TV and even browsing social media. In this fast-paced environment, is it any wonder that texting has become an integral part of business communication? Businesses have always utilized text messages as a way to communicate with customers in order to confirm appointments or send out shipping notices. But now that many phone users prefer text messaging over sending emails or making phone calls.

Why should I use texting to communicate with customers?

Texting is a convenient and efficient way to get in touch with your customers. If you provide a service, SMS is ideal for setting up appointments or confirming delivery dates. Since texting has become so commonplace, you can be sure that almost everyone will receive your message quickly and without any extra effort.

In addition to convenience, businesses can also benefit from SMS marketing because text messages often come with a much higher open rate than other types of emails. This means that your customers are more likely to see your text messages resulting in a quicker response time.

Experts at Forbes consider it to be the ‘tool of the future,’ and we certainly agree. Here’s why:

Fast Engagement

A cell phone user takes 90 seconds on average to respond to a text message. On the other hand, users take about 90 minutes to reply to an email.

While this alone is enough to demonstrate the efficiency of SMS marketing at getting instant engagement, marketers also need to keep the open rate in consideration.

Open rate refers to the percentage of texts or emails that the receivers open.

As compared to a 20% open rate for emails, 98% of the receivers open their text messages, making the letter a quick way to reach your customers.

According to a Smart Insights report, sending a follow-up text message can increase the email open rate by up to 30%.

High Return on Investment

SMS marketing yields a 45% return on investment when used solely and up to 50% when applied in combination with other marketing channels like email or social media marketing.

Considering this, 61% of the marketers intend to invest more in SMS marketing following 2020.

SMS is cost-effective

Fortunately, SMS marketing is an affordable alternative that gets an incredible response from the customers without breaking the bank.

More importantly, you do not need to hire anyone to create graphic illustrations, shoot videos, take pictures, as you would in social media marketing.

You can either write the SMS copy yourself or hire a copywriter based on your needs.

High Responsiveness of Text Messages

Most businesses prefer using SMS marketing since text messages incite a quick response. 26% of the businesses use text messages to inform customers about coupons and discounts.

Even better, they manage to reach 67% of the consumers, which is an impressive reach.

Another way for local businesses to leverage SMS marketing is to allow customers to make appointments through text messages.

It has worked in the past – 44% of the consumers schedule their appointments through SMS – and it’s bound to work in the future.

Having said that, 53.75% of the marketers and business owners consider fast delivery to be the most significant benefit of SMS marketing.

Thus, the sooner local businesses jump on board, the better it will be for ROI and customer engagement.

Future Trends in SMS Marketing

In the coming years, businesses will focus on interacting with their customers through SMS. The concerning fact of marketing called conversational commerce is expected to come into play.

Basically, it refers to having one-on-one conversations with your customers.

For instance, you can let them ask you for sizing, product recommendations, or compare product options through SMS.

Although it’s non-promotional, it helps generate revenue and bring more customers into the loop.

Another upcoming trend is sending links through SMS. For instance, if you’re a local plumber, you can send an appointment form to the customers through SMS.

They can simply fill in the form to book an appointment for any service. Similarly, businesses will be sending links for promotional offers, their social media pages, contests, and websites.

Without a doubt, text messaging is one of the quickest and most effective ways to reach your customers. We know that implementing a text-based strategy into your marketing mix might seem daunting at first. That’s why we’re here – our team will work closely with you to design an SMS strategy tailored specifically to your needs. Whether it’s providing customer support or engaging them in some other way, texting has proven time and again to have high ROI and cost-effectiveness when compared against traditional forms of communication like email or phone calls.

Have you considered using texting as a part of your digital marketing efforts? Contact Roe Digital today if you need help getting started with business texting.




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