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Yep, Creator Friendly Search Engine

Yep is an up and coming search engine that plans to pay out 90% of advertising profits to content creators. Yep was created by the team at Ahrefs, one of the leading SEO toolsets worldwide. Ahrefs has invested $60 million into creating the search engine.

Imagine a world where talented writers were able to do what they loved without the worries of financial gain. This new model would allow renowned experts, independent journalists and passionate individuals with big ideas generate high-value content; articles that just can’t be regularly produced on an 9 – 5 work day.

Ahrefs has been crawling and storing information about live websites since 2010 with petabytes worth web crawl data stored in their system. They have over 3000 servers and over 20 billion keywords in their keyword index database and discover 30 million new pages every day.

Yep is currently looking for developers and data scientists as they form their product team.