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Andrew is passionate about helping businesses with their websites and digital marketing strategies.
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Andrew Floyd

Andrew Floyd Roe Digital

Andrew Floyd has always had an interest in the process of building websites. He was able to cobble together his first website at the age of 10. He used this website as a platform to write about things that interested him at the time (mostly toys and Minecraft but hey, it was a start) and gain experience. As he got a little older he would develop a passion for writing, often writing screenplays and short stories in his free time. 

Eventually he would began helping out at Roe Graphics, the predecessor to what Roe Digital is today. He would be enlisted to help write content for various clients, his contributions growing year by year. His official induction to the company came in the summer of 2021, a significant turning point that led to the transformation of Roe Graphics into what is now Roe Digital.

Andrew’s primary roles at Roe Digital are content creation, client management and business growth. His younger, more creatively driven personality meshes well with Beth’s business experience and analytical perspective. This allows Roe Digital to reach heights neither could accomplish alone, providing the best possible service to our clients. 

He is currently certified in UX Design, Facebook Marketing, Content Marketing, Local SEO Content Creation and more. 

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His commitment to his own personal development ensures that he remains at the forefront of digital marketing trends, enabling him to provide current and forward-thinking solutions for Roe Digital’s clients. He is eager to see what the future awaits for him, and his tenure at Roe Digital.