Why digital marketing is crucial to the survival of small businesses

Digital Marketing For Tennessee Business

What is digital marketing and why does it matter to small businesses?

Digital marketing is the set of tools used to make sure that your business gets the online presence it needs to get the success that it deserves. It covers a vast array of techniques to reach new customers through digital promotion which will increase web traffic, and finally drive toward sales.

At Roe Digital, we aim to help businesses to increase their online presence. We work to build strategic plans which are tailored specifically to the needs of your business, specializing in; custom web design for both desktop and mobile devices, reputation management, SEO, Google My Business, link building, and content writing.

Seamless Web Design Services

If your website is getting a lot of traffic but failing to generate leads, your website may be what is holding you back.

It takes a few seconds for a customer to form that critical first impression of your company, and a website that is unattractive, too sparse, or too overloaded with text could be what puts potential customers off from doing business with you.

With over 50% of all internet users accessing via mobile devices, an incorrectly optimized mobile site will be another source of frustration for these potential customers. To boost the performance of your website, work alongside experts who can help to create a website that will showcase your business, all while being simple to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO gets your business the attention it needs to increase your brand’s visibility on search engines. High-ranking results on Google will skyrocket your generated business over time.

Web users will search for specific terms using search engines, and with over 60,000 searches per second, around 75% of searchers won’t go beyond page one of the results. You will want your business to be one of those that come out on top of the results page.

It is therefore vital that SEO strategy is part of your digital marketing plan.

Advanced Reputation Management

It takes most searchers a matter of seconds to find the reviews of your business online. These reviews can either make or break a business, so it is, therefore, crucial to strive to achieve those all-important 5-star ratings to attract new customers.

Negative reviews impact your business in the same way. Using a professional reputation management service will allow you to closely monitor what customers are saying about your business, highlighting the positive reviews, and ensuring that the less positive reviews are dealt with appropriately.

Google Business Profile Management (GMB)

Google Business Profile is a tool that manages your business’s online presence on Google Search and Maps. It tells the story of your business through your business profile.

You will also have the option to create optimized content specifically for voice searches on mobile devices. Adding localized information and specific key terms to your content will help to promote your business as people use their smartphones to find out information about local businesses.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Management

Having up-to-the-minute knowledge on social and digital marketing platforms will not only ensure that as many potential customers are accessing your business as possible, but that it continues to do so over time.

With over 50% of people doing the majority of their internet browsing on their cellular devices, that means having advertisements optimized for various digital platforms.

For all of your digital marketing needs, Roe Digital will be pleased to help to improve your business’s online presence and increase those all-important sales.

Contact us today to see how we can transform your online presence and bring you the results you need to succeed.


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