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It’s essential to help out small businesses whenever possible. More often than not, shopping locally will:

  • Provide you with a better product.
  • Lead to a better customer service experience.
  • Help the local economy.

Small businesses are the backbone of America. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 99.7% of all U.S companies are small businesses, and 64% of all jobs created from 1993 to 2011 are due to local companies. Hopefully, these six reasons listed in this article will convince you to shop local next time you are ready to make a purchase. It could make a big difference.

Shopping Locally Creates a Personal Connection Between Buyer and Seller

Local businesses have fewer team members than large corporations. This often results in a more pleasant shopping experience. Giant conglomerates swap employees around so frequently that it’s not uncommon to never see the same employee twice. When shopping local, your chances of getting to know whom you are buying from is far better.

Local Businesses Provide Better Service

It’s no secret that big corporations don’t often have the most remarkable customer service. I think everyone understands how frustrating it is to be put on hold for twenty+ minutes because you were trying to get something straightened out. Conversely, local businesses care more about providing a quality experience. They will make an active effort to keep you as a customer.

Local Business Employees Tend to be More Knowledgeable

Because smaller establishments don’t have the infrastructure to hire hundreds of employees on a whim, they often are more selective about who gets hired. Local business workers are almost always very knowledgeable about what they are selling. This can make the transaction process straightforward, smooth and pleasant from start to finish.

By Shopping Local, You Help Support Someone’s Dreams

Behind every local business is an entrepreneur trying to make their dream a reality. You may not know it, but by purchasing from small businesses, you may just be keeping somebodies dream alive. The entrepreneurial spirit is part of what makes the United States so unique.

Local Economies will Flourish

Money spent locally will frequently get cycled back into the local economy. Local businesses pay local taxes to help the local area prosper. Small businesses bring growth and innovation to wherever they are from, and provide employment opportunities for hard workers.

Small Businesses can Innovate Better than Big Companies

Small businesses must stand out to survive, so they always try to improve and bring something new to the table. If a giant corporation wants to try something new, it can take years. The idea has to pass through hundreds of people before it even has a chance of approval. Even then, it still might not become a reality. Local businesses produce fourteen times more patents than big companies. This can lead to some incredible innovations. Without small businesses, the world might innovate at a much slower pace.


Small businesses are incredible. They help economies grow and create millions of jobs every year. Stiff competition forces them always to improve their craft. By shopping local, you get better products and services and help the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs. This is why it’s important to shop locally.


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