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Our Little Treasures Preschool Academy is a newly opened preschool academy located in Jackson, Tennessee, that strives to provide young children with a fun environment that promotes learning and development. 

Our journey with Our Little Treasures Preschool Academy began towards the tail-end of 2021. We were approached about potentially designing and developing a website for a preschool from the ground up. During our first meeting with the client, we were given a tour of the building that would soon become the school. The building impressed us right out of the gate; it was spacious, colorful, and very inviting. The inside of the building had not yet been fully decorated, but the potential was exciting.

During this first meeting, the client told us that having a registration form/parent portal was very important to them. They wanted to ensure the enrollment process was as simple as possible. We worked directly with the client’s IT provider to ensure that the new family registration form and enrollment emails worked as smoothly as possible.

Homepage Concepts for Preschool 

While this was being worked on, we began to draft up three homepage concepts. We strive for 100% client satisfaction. Building three homepage variations allowed Our Little Treasures Preschool Academy to tell us specifically what direction they’d like the rest of the website to go. Clients will frequently take aspects they want from each version and have us combine them.

Here are what the three Our Little Treasures Preschool Academy homepage concepts looked like:

Web Design Concept for Preschool
Web Design Concept for Preschool
Custom Website for Preschool

The client told us they liked the top half of concept #3 and the bottom half of concept #2. After a few more revisions, we had the finalized home page that the rest of the site would be built around. The website would be finished in the weeks that followed. 

Our Little Treasures Preschool Academy opened its doors in early June. We would visit the school shortly after to take pictures for the website. The building is incredibly decorated now, and they have a great outdoor playground. Working with the good people at Our Little Treasures Preschool Academy was great, and we are thrilled to see them doing well.

Our Little Treasures interior 1
Preschool Academy interior 2

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