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One of the industries we serve is IV Hydration Clinics and Drip Spas. This industry is relatively new and is still finding its footing online. That’s where we come in. We can design, develop and maintain your IV Hydration Clinic or Drip Spa website so you don’t have to worry about it. Learn more about our Drip Spa website creation process, and view our case studies below. 

If your clinic is brand new, the first step is getting a logo. We recently wrote an article about tips for designing an IV Hydration Clinic logo.  

Here are batches of logos we designed for two of our IV Hydration and Drip Spa clients, Alive IV Hydration Drip Spa and It’s the Drip. 

Finalized Logos

Our client at Alive was almost fully content with the initial logos, only requesting minimal changes to concept #3. At It’s the Drip, several rounds of revisions were needed to create a logo that everyone loved. 

We had a blast with both approaches, and both clients loved their finalized logo. 

Home page concepts for Drip Spa

IV Therapy Website Design

The next step in the design journey for an IV Hydration Clinic website kicks off with us crafting three unique homepage mockups. Our mission is to ensure our clients feel fully satisfied with their websites, and these designs enable the clients to mix and match features from each layout they find appealing. We then integrate their feedback and fine-tune the concept until they are entirely content with the homepage.

Below are some examples of our home page concepts:

IV Hydration Website Concepts

Website Concept for IV Hydration Clinic
Web design for Drip Spa
Web design for IV Hydration clinic

It's the Drip Website Concepts

home page concept #1 for It's the Drip
home page concept #3 for its the drip
home page #4 for It's the Drip

IV Hydration Clinic Website Case Studies

Website for Alive IV Hydration Drip Spa

When we were approached to do a website for The Alive IV Hydration Drip Spa, we had never worked with an IV Therapy clinic before. It was a new and exciting niche for us, and we were eager to take on the challenge. At the time, Alive had not yet opened its doors. It was a completely new company, and we had the opportunity to help out from the ground up.

In the early meetings, Alive was pitched to us as a veteran-owned health clinic with a large focus on comfort and feel-good vibes thanks to large flat-screen televisions and top-of-the-line massage chairs. Everything we heard made us increasingly eager to begin work.

We began the design process of the Alive website by creating 3 different homepage concepts. It’s very important to us that our clients are 100% satisfied with their website, and these concepts allowed Alive to pick and choose aspects from each design they liked. We would take their feedback and continue to tweak the design until they were completely satisfied with the home page.

After the website was finished being designed, we spent the next few weeks writing original content to fill out the site. We wrote descriptions for each product as well as a few blog posts. We knew that since this was a relatively new industry for the area, we needed to get the website ranking highly.

This is where the Alive IV Hydration Drip Spa website was ranking on launch day.

Rank Your IV Hydration Business in Google

Local Search Ranking for Local Drip Spa

Stats for Hydration Therapy - March 25th

But after a few months of Google Business Profile posting, link building, and submissions to major online directories. Alive began to come alive. They started to rank extremely high, far ahead of other local competition. This is where they were ranking as of mid-July, 2022. 

We used Bright Local’s Local Search Rank Checker to track local rankings.

Stats for Hydration Therapy July 12th

Their rankings are continuing to grow and improve with each month that passes, and we are extremely proud and happy for them. It was a lot of fun working with them, and we thank them for the opportunity. 

Website for It's the Drip IV Hydration Clinic

When we were approached to design their website, “It’s the Drip,” was yet to open its doors, giving us the chance to contribute from the get-go. They had found us through our previous work with the Alive IV Hydration Drip Spa. They liked our design for that website so much that they brought us on board.

We began by designing logo concepts and fine-tuning them until they loved the final design. We had to go through several iterations before we captured the right aesthetic for them.

We started the web design phase by proposing three different homepage concepts. We firmly believe in client satisfaction and their freedom to select and blend preferred elements. We incorporated their feedback, fine-tuning the design until the homepage met their expectations.

Once the homepage was established, we extended the design to the rest of the website for consistency. After completing the design, we turned our attention to content development, curating detailed product descriptions and informative details.

Collaborating with “It’s the Drip” provided an exciting addition to our portfolio, and we appreciate the chance to participate in their launch.

Web Design for Optimum IV

Are you looking for someone to build a website or design a logo for your IV hydration business? We offer website design services for IV Hydration businesses. Contact us for more information about marketing your IV Hydration business. 

Online Scheduling

Here’s a demonstration of using the Late Point Appointment Scheduling plugin to set up online booking for an IV hydration business.

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