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Website for Locally Owned Mattress Store

When the Happy Shack Mattress Store & More was first getting started, they hired an out-of-state company to construct their website. Due to this distance barrier, they were unable to easily contact their web developer. Upon realizing this avoidable problem, they went back to the drawing board and began looking for a local and reliable web design company to build their website. This is when they found Roe Digital. 

Website Designed for Mattress Store

We initially tried to update their preexisting website, but due to not being able to reach their previous web design company we were unable to do so. So we started by building from the ground up. New website, new domain.

We provided three potential home page concepts to the Happy Shack Mattress Store to review. Then we took aspects that they liked from each concept and continued to tweak the page until they were completely satisfied. Then we developed the website based on the approved design concept. 

But just because the site has been perfected doesn’t mean our work is anywhere close to being done. In the Happy Shack Mattress Store’s case, we set up an app to keep track of their check-ins and deliveries, recorded videos and uploaded them to YouTube and their website, and submitted their site to several major online directories (Yellowpages, Alexa, Bing, etc.).

Now all of this is fine and dandy, but what about the results?

This is where The Happy Shack Mattress Store was ranking on Google Maps after we launched their new website. They were ranking in the top three searches for “mattress store” on 26 grid points but on 95 points they didn’t show up on the first page. 

Google My Business Ranking for Happy Shack Mattress Store May

… and this is where they were ranking 5 months later.  They have nearly doubled the locations they are showing up at the top of Google maps for mattress store and best mattress store



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