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ZipWP Review

What is the best AI Web Site Builder for WordPress?

I’ve tested several other AI-powered website builders in the past, but none have matched the quality and customization options of custom-built WordPress websites. I love the flexibility of WordPress and I can use plugins to do nearly anything our clients request. That’s why I was excited when I first heard about ZipWP, an AI Website Builder for WordPress.

I started using the free version of ZipWP. After building three demo sites, it was clear that it was a tool that would benefit our business, so I upgraded to the annual business plan, which is currently available for only $399/year. They also have free personal and pro plans for users who don’t need custom sites or extra website drafts and disk space.

What is ZipWP?

ZipWP is an AI-powered website builder that utilizes WordPress as its core platform. It allows users to quickly generate professional websites by simply describing their business. It builds sites using the Astra theme and Spectra page builder. The AI component of ZipWP assists in generating copy, selecting appropriate images, and fine-tuning the overall site design such as fonts and colors. Users can customize their websites extensively due to the flexibility offered by WordPress, including the ability to add any WordPress plugin. ZipWP is unique in its integration with WordPress, offering a level of customization and extendibility that many other proprietary AI website builders lack.

Sign up for a FREE ZipWP account.

Here’s a screenshot of a demo website I designed for a sign shop using ZipWP. The first five pages took less than 30 minutes to build.

ZipWP Review

ZipWP combines WordPress’s flexibility and extendibility with cutting-edge AI technology, which is why I believe it will benefit both professional web designers and DIY website creators.

They recently released “Blueprints,” which allows me to build a website template and then use it to create similar sites, or I can even sell the website template that I designed using SureCart. Here’s an example of a page I created using SureCart selling a website template that I built for IV Therapy Clinics using ZipWP Blueprints.

Custom Websites Built Using AI

ZipWP just rolled out its latest feature—AI-driven custom sites. It’s a game-changer, really. This new tool lets you whip up site maps and wireframes, and then, like magic, it spits out an entire WordPress website based on those designs. This is huge for web designers who love digging into WordPress and making everything just right for our clients. I mean, being able to design a custom website from scratch using AI.

Heads up! The custom website builder is a special perk just for the Business plan crew. Not on board yet? No worries! Now’s the perfect time to upgrade because the founder’s deal offers a whopping 58% discount.

Here’s a screenshot of a wireframe mockup I built using ZipWP Custom Sites With AI custom site builder.


Use this link to sign up for a free ZipWP account to build your own website using AI.

How to Build a WordPress Website with AI

See the demonstrations below, where I used ZipWP to create websites for a spa, dog breeder, and RV park.

Review and Demo of ZipWP

When I finally got access to ZipWP. The first thing that I did was use ZipWP to create a website for a dog breeder. We have worked with dog breeders, and I have a Vizsla, so I thought this would be a fun one to try. Using AI, I generated a demo site for a Vizsla dog breeder in less than 7 minutes, complete with photos and content. Here’s a video demo of ZipWP:

Demo of ZipWP Building a Website for a Spa

In this demo, I used ZipWP to build a complete website for a Spa. We used ChatGPT to generate a logo and LatePoint Online Scheduling Plugin to add online booking.

Using ZipWP to build an RV Park Website

Here’s a demonstration of using AI to build a WordPress website for an RV Park. I used ChatGPT with DALL-E to generate the logo then I used ZipWP to create the website.

What is the Best Free AI Website Builder?

ZipWP is currently the best AI website builder I have personally tested, and it has a free version. Use the link below to sign up for a free account to generate a website using AI.

Sign up for a free ZipWP account here.

An In-depth Look at ZipWP

I’ve seen the web design industry grow and evolve in the last two and a half decades of my web design career. I’ve worked with HTML editors, witnessed the rise of CMS platforms like WordPress, and, most recently, observed the entrance of AI into the web design space. I have been testing several AI tools for website and content creation, and most AI website builders I encountered were proprietary systems with limited customization capabilities.

Here’s a screenshot of a WordPress website I generated using ZipWP, complete with photos and content, in less than 7 minutes.

Benefits of ZipWP

At its core, ZipWP leverages the power and flexibility of WordPress in the website creation process. While WordPress has been an industry-standard CMS for years, building a website using WordPress typically involves a steep learning curve and a significant time investment. With ZipWP, the entire process becomes smoother, faster, and more intuitive.

Compatibility with WordPress Plugins

Since ZipWP is built on a WordPress platform, it’s compatible with WordPress plugins. This compatibility means you can extend your website’s functionality by adding e-commerce features, SEO tools, custom forms, and more. You can choose from thousands of plugins available in the WordPress repository to tailor your website to your exact needs.

Website Customization

We are limited in customization with other AI website builders, so they have yet to be an option for our web design business. ZipWP may change this by offering a high degree of customization since it’s built using WordPress. You can extend your website with plugins, change colors in Customizer or write custom code if needed.

Once the first draft is generated, you can customize every element as you see fit. WordPress’s vast array of plugins and themes is fully accessible, allowing you to add features or tweak the website design. The customization process is managed through simple drag-and-drop tools, making it user-friendly even for those without coding experience.

Create Website Concepts

We spent a great deal of time coming up with custom web design concepts for our clients, limiting the number of projects we can take on and increasing the costs of web design. This tool makes website creation an absolute joyride. Describe your business, and watch as ZipWP generates a professional-looking website in 60 seconds. Yes, you read that right – a complete website in a minute!

AI-Assisted Website Customization

Once the basic structure of your website is ready, ZipWP’s AI assistant steps in to help you fine-tune your website. It was really easy to change the color scheme and fonts inside ZipWP. If you need greater flexibility, you can change the colors and other options inside the customizer of the Astra theme. See examples below customizing with ZipWP vs Customizer:

ZipWP color and font options

editing ZipWP site with Astra customizer

Freedom of Hosting

One of the unique features of ZipWP is that it doesn’t lock you into a specific hosting provider. Instead, it generates a WordPress-compatible website you can host with any provider you choose. This freedom allows you to choose a hosting provider that best suits your needs and budget.

Now, it’s important to note that the free version of ZipWP has one constraint: the website you create will expire after 24 hours, which is ample time to move your site to your preferred host. If you need longer, ZipWP will offer affordable premium plans with longer expiration times and other features like white-label options.

Like WordPress, ZipWP stands to significantly disrupt the web design industry. With its WordPress foundation, customization freedom, time-saving capabilities, and cost-effectiveness, ZipWP has all the ingredients to be a powerful asset in our toolbox. I’m excited to see how it will shape our workflows and better serve our clients.

It’s a Free AI Website Builder

One of the most appealing aspects of ZipWP is its cost-effectiveness. It’s free to use, and there are no monthly charges unless you sign up for a premium plan. The free plans are limited to 3 website drafts per month, and the websites expire in 24 hours. The personal plan gives you 3 AI website drafts per day for only $19/month.

I signed up for the Founder’s Offer, the business plan currently offered for $399/year. I was able to lock in that price for a lifetime, so that was a no-brainer considering how many websites we build each year and the amount of time this could save us in design and development costs.

AI Website Builder for Web Design Agencies

The Future of Web Design

As the field of AI-powered website builders continues to evolve, I believe they will become increasingly powerful tools for web designers. While they may not replace custom-built sites entirely, they offer a range of benefits that cannot be ignored. The ability to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and access stunning designs and professional copy are all valuable assets for web designers.

I’m excited to see how the AI-powered website builder landscape develops, and I have high hopes for tools like ZipWP. As someone who has dedicated my career to creating exceptional websites, I believe embracing new technologies and adapting to changing trends is essential. I am not concerned about AI affecting our business because there will continue to be a need for web design experts to help businesses create custom solutions. AI-powered website builders may not be perfect yet, but they are undoubtedly a significant step towards the future of web design.

Frequently Asked Questions about ZipWP

1. What is ZipWP?

ZipWP is a new AI website builder that uses WordPress as its core. With ZipWP, you can generate a professional website by describing your business. The AI generates persuasive copy, selects visuals and images, and even helps you fine-tune the site.

2. How much does ZipWP cost?

Use this link to sign up for a free ZipWP account. Using ZipWP to build a website is completely free to create up to three website drafts per month. However, if you need additional features like more drafts, white-label options, and longer expiration times for your site, ZipWP has premium plans starting at $19 per month.

3. What is the limitation of the free version of ZipWP?

Websites created using the free version of ZipWP expire after 24 hours and you can only generate 3 drafts per month.

4. Can I host my ZipWP website with any web host?

Yes! ZipWP allows you to host your website with any provider of your choice. We recommend using a plugin such as MigrateGuru to move your ZipWP site to a premium host such as Flywheel or

5. Can I add plugins to my ZipWP website?

Yes, you can. Since ZipWP is built on WordPress, you can easily add any WordPress plugin.

6. How do I access to ZipWP?

Yes, you can get free access to ZipWP by signing up here.

7. Will ZipWP provide a white-label version?

Yes, ZipWP offers a white-label version in their premium plans. This feature allows the websites you generate with ZipWP to be hosted on your subdomain, which is perfect for maintaining your brand identity.

8. How is ZipWP different from other AI website builders?

ZipWP offers the power and flexibility of WordPress, which is missing in most proprietary AI website builders. This allows for extensive customization and freedom to host your website wherever you choose.

9. Is ZipWP suitable for professional web designers?

ZipWP can be a useful tool for professional web designers. It can streamline the website building process, save time, and improve overall efficiency, allowing designers to focus on more creative and complex tasks. They recently released Blueprints, which allows us to speed up our website creation process, and Custom Sites will be released soon, which will include site maps and wireframes.

10. What is the best AI website builder for WordPress?

I personally believe that ZipWP is the best AI website builder on the market. We use ZipWP’s business plan to generate mockups quickly and test plugins and updates on demo sites rather than our live sites. The plan allows space for up to 20 sites, so we don’t have to use our premium hosting space for testing purposes.

Use this link to build a website with AI for free.


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