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The artificial intelligence revolution has come to a head with the launch and release of ChatGPT, a tool that has the potential to change the world forever. We’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about ChatGPT. You’ll learn what it is, what it will go on to do, and how you can incorporate it into your work. 

What is ChatGPT

OpenAI has been an industry leader in the development of AI tools for a long time. The company was primarily founded by Sam Altman and Elon Musk, and is in talks to receive potential billions in investments from Microsoft. OpenAI has seen the creation of DALL-E, one of the most advanced AI image generators on the market today. 

But it’s their newest project, ChatGPT, that truly has the potential to change everything. ChatGPT is an AI-based chatbot that can simulate conversation, answer questions, and write papers, articles and scripts. ChatGPT is capable of providing users with responses that are relevant, cohesive and even human-like. 

The AI has been trained to read and has studied millions upon millions of human interactions, which explains why it’s so realistic and accurate. It is capable of remembering and referencing previous points of conversation, issuing apologies and can issue an answer to any question you could ever think of. 

ChatGPT Uses 

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Whenever a tool like ChatGPT comes around, it’s crucial to take advantage of all of the potential uses. The recent boom in artificial intelligence technology is likely going to go down as one of the most pivotal moments in modern human history. Get in on the ground floor and learn all the ways you can take advantage of these ridiculous new innovations. 

ChatGPT offers near limitless potential. The algorithms results are limited only by the imagination of the user. Here are some of the obvious uses for ChatGPT in its current form:

  • Answer questions 
  • Create content 
  • Generate personalized emails
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Generate custom code
  • Work as a virtual assistant 
  • Handle customer support tasks
  • Recap long documents 

This only scratches the surface. There are many, many other cool uses for ChatGPT. 

What Does ChatGPT Mean for the Future of AI?

As exciting as ChatGPT is in its current state, the team at OpenAI still has a long way to go before its potential becomes fully realized. Server stability will need to be increased, and they will need to find a way to monetize the tool long-term. These kinks will no doubt be ironed out over time. 

That being said, the future of AI is a controversial topic shrouded in doubt and concern. There is always a nervous aura when the topic comes up. Many fear that the recent boom in AI technology will cost them their job. This is a half-glass empty way of looking at things. Embracing AI advancements will speed up the rate at which you can accomplish your tasks. 

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Using AI, marketers will be able to better create SEO content for their target audience, writers will be able to ramp up their production schedule, and coders will be able to easily catch and identify bugs. 

It is unlikely that AI will be able to perform tasks fully independent of a human supervisor for a long, long time. Take advantage of this knowledge. Use tools like ChatGPT to work smarter and more effectively.  

ChatGPT Success

ChatGPT was launched to the public in November 2022. The platform amassed 1 million users in just five days. It became such a home-run, viral success that the servers ended up quickly hitting their capacity. 

It quickly became a trending topic on various platforms, gardening widespread attention from news outlets and the public. 

Is ChatGPT Free?

When the servers are up and running, yes ChatGPT is free. However, ChatGPT will be experimenting with different forms of monetization in the future. It costs money to run their servers, and with Microsoft and others looking to invest billions into OpenAI, the free-to-use route simply wouldn’t be sustainable long term. 

The premium version of ChatGPT will apparently be called ChatGPT Professional. We’ll update this section as more information becomes available. 

ChatGPT Alternatives 

While we eagerly wait for ChatGPT’s server issues to be straightened out, you should spend time looking into some ChatGPT alternatives. 

Chatbot image

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is an AI chatbot that you can converse with about anything! It can tell jokes, revise content and offer suggestions. Jasper Chat is bundled in with Jasper’s Boss Mode and Business package. Try it for yourself today!


Popular AI tool Writesonic has delved into the world of AI chatbots with the unveiling of Chatsonic. Chatsonic is one of the most powerful ChatGPT competitors. 


Microsoft owned and founded, VALL-E differentiates itself from the competition thanks to one key feature: the ability to replicate someones voice. This technology has existed for a while, but it’s never been so simple thanks to VALL-E. The tool can near perfectly replicate someone’s voice using just a three second sample. 


Bloom is a chatbot tool that can communicate in 46 languages and 13 programming languages. It can learn how to complete new tasks and assignments. 


Artificial intelligence has become more relevant than ever over the past year. AI-generated art had a huge boom in popularity, thanks to programs like Jasper Art, NightCafe and DALL-E. Content generating tools aren’t far behind either, with industry leaders like Jasper and Writesonic. But even amongst everything else on the market, ChatGPT stands out. It’s the first AI tool to hit the mainstream that shows what is possible and what we can expect in the near future. 

It may be exciting for some and nerve-wracking for others. But the future is here, and artificial intelligence will be a key part of it. 

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