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Jasper AI Review – An Overview of Jasper.AI

Jasper AI Content Marketing

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Using Artificial Intelligence Tools in Writing

Even from a young age, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in writing. I remember telling my mother about these aspirations of mine and how I wanted to write books and movies and such things. I remember her commending me on my choice. She told me, “In the future, AI will become advanced to the point that many human-operated jobs become obsolete. Machines will be able to perform our manual-labor tasks better than we can.” She then assured me, “But no matter how advanced AI becomes, it’ll never be able to replace our ability to write.”

Well my friends, the year is 2023, and artificial intelligence has gotten pretty darn good at writing. Good enough to replace us writers? No, not quite. They’ve still got a ways to go. But it’s become good enough that it is now a valuable tool for helping enhance written content. “Tool” being the keyword. You cannot rely solely on AI, but if you are a blogger, it can make your life significantly easier. 

If you need any further proof that AI is not just a fad, even Google has started to encourage the use of artificial intelligence in website content. 

For this post, we will put a large amount of focus on Jasper AI. Jasper (formally known as Jarvis and Conversion.AI) is one of the most well-known and widely used AI content tools. It is also the one I have the most experience with.

Benefits of Jasper AI

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a content creation tool that has surged in popularity since its launch in January 2021. Jasper takes the information you feed it and searches the internet for similar writing pieces. This content will be read by Jasper and then used to create a wholly new piece of unique content. This process is all done in a matter of seconds. Jasper can be used to create writing of all kinds. From blog posts to emails, product descriptions to personal bios- Jasper can do it all. More than fifty different templates are at your disposal with Jasper.

This might all sound very technical and confusing. Let me assure you; anybody can use Jasper. It’s all very straightforward, and the platform’s UI is easy to navigate. Let me demonstrate just how easy it is to use Jasper.

As seen in the above video, all I typed in was “Why entrepreneurs need a quality website for their small business.” Then I set some keywords that I wanted to see used in the content. Lastly, I chose a tone of voice, which I set as educational. Jasper took this tiny amount of information and turned it into three different (and solid!) paragraphs. 

Of course, they aren’t perfect, but they quickly laid the groundwork for what could turn into a quality blog post. Of course, the paragraphs would’ve turned out even better had I been more descriptive with my instructions. As I stated before, this is not something that is perfect 100% of the time. Sentences can be repetitive, and sometimes the information can be outdated, so you’ll need to fact-check everything. This applies to all of Jaspers’s different templates.

Jasper AI's Templates

Any good AI writing tool needs plenty of templates to choose from. Luckily, Jasper has a wide variety of options. These are some of our favorites:

  • One Shot Blog PostCurrently in beta, but I have been testing it with great results. Enter your blog topic, tone of voice, and intended audience and within a few seconds, Jasper creates a complete blog post. You need to edit and fact-check but this is a good starting point if you suffer from writer’s block. 
  • Paragraph Generator – Creates high-quality paragraphs in mere seconds.
  • Content Improver – Rewrites content to make it more engaging, persuasive and creative. This can be used to improve Jasper’s own writing.
  • AIDA Framework – A classic sales pitch.  AIDA is a tried-and-true marketing formula that has been used by businesses for over one hundred years. Attention, Interest, Desire & Action
  • Product Description – Are you struggling to come up with a description for your product? Jasper AI has got you covered.
  • Blog Post Outline – Use Jasper to create an outline for that new blog post you’ve been working on.
  • Creative Story – Create an engaging story using Jasper.
  • Explain It To a Child – This template is used to take text and reword it with the goal of making it easier to understand.
  • Perfect Headline – Struggling to come up with a headline for your post? This template is sure to generate the right headline for your needs.
  • Photo Post Captions – Write a cool caption for your new Instagram post.
  • Personalized Cold Emails – Generates an outreach email to send to potential customers.
  • Personal Bio – It may be challenging to write a bio that reflects how awesome you truly are. Let Jasper help!
  • Text Summarizer – This template is used to get the key takeaways from writing.

These twelve templates only scratch the surface of whats possible with Jasper. The AI tool has more than forty other unique templates that you can use.

New 2023 Jasper Beta Features

AI Writing Generator - Jasper AI

Updated for February 2023:

Despite Jasper AI’s monumental success, the team behind it all has refused to become complacent. They continue to add new features and improve the algorithm frequently. 

Some of the new Jasper AI beta templates are as follows:

  • One-Shot Landing Page – Current in beta – Jasper can now generate a complete landing page with just a simple text prompt. Includes H1, H2, and H3 for search-optimized content. 
  • FAQ Generator – Come up with ideas for a FAQ section regarding your blog post topic. 
  • Personal LinkedIn Post – Everyone knows how important LinkedIn is for building business connections. Use Jasper’s Personal LinkedIn Post generator to create creative LinkedIn posts. 
  • Listicle – Expand upon your blog posts with Listicle. Generate a list of points to use in your content. 
  • Tone Detector – Struggling to figure out the tone of your content? Paste it into Jasper!
  • Tweet Machine – Instantly create high-quality tweets to post. 
  • TikTok Video Captions – Have a great TikTok but need a caption to go along with it? Use Jasper! 

Using Jasper for SEO

In the modern era, ensuring that your blog content is optimized for search engines is crucial. After all, you won’t get clicks if your website doesn’t even appear in search results. SEO has always been a time-consuming process, but Jasper is here to make it less daunting. 

Last year Jasper announced that it would be partnering with a popular on-page SEO tool, Surfer SEO, to help make SEO a more streamlined process. This partnership exists to help us writers create content quickly (using Jasper) that also does well on search engines with the assistance of Surfer SEO. 

Here is a link to a helpful guide that will help you merge the two platforms. You will need a subscription to both services to successfully integrate the two.

Which Jasper AI Package is Right for You?

Jasper has two different pricing packages: Starter and Boss Mode. Both of these plans offer good value for money depending on your needs. Starter mode is recommended for new content writers that are still getting into the swing of things. While marketing teams, content marketers and bloggers who write for a living would be better suited using Boss mode.

What's Included With Started Mode?

Starter mode starts at $29 a month. For your money, you will be able to write twenty thousand words each month. You can pay more than the starting fee to access more words per month. If you are confident that you wish to stick with Jasper long-term, you have the option to pay annually for a 17% discount. This plan is perfect for those looking to write short pieces of content on the side.

What's Included With Boss Mode?

Starting at $59/month, the Boss Mode plan includes everything from the basic package and lots of new features and bonuses. 

Starter Mode’s entry-level number of twenty thousand words pales compared to the fifty thousand words included with Boss Mode each month. Here, Jasper has increased visibility and can read and write content at speed 5x greater than Starter Mode Jasper. As a result, Jasper can churn out high-quality content like never before. Boss Mode is perfect for anyone who writes for a living. It will greatly speed up the rate you complete your projects.

Boss Mode has Grammarly bundled in, so you’ll never have to worry about posting something riddled with errors. Jasper’s premium package can also be linked to your Copyscape account. This means that Jasper will automatically verify that your content is plagiarism-free.

Jasper Art Unlimited

Jasper Art creates custom images from text. To use Jasper Art, simply describe the image you want. Then select the style, medium, and mood. Jasper then generates four unique images based on your text input. 

You can now subscribe to Jasper Art as a stand-alone for $20/month for unlimited images using this link

If you are in the market for AI image tools, we recently reviewed several other Text to Image AI Images Generators as well. 

Closing Thoughts

Here are some numbers that you might find interesting. According to BrightEdge, most skilled freelance bloggers charge $100 for just a basic blog. More advanced posts will cost much more. If you hire a freelance writer to write five posts a month, you will be out $500. But if you use Jasper to create the same amount of content, those five blogs will only cost you $59! It’ll take less time and be free from the potential of human error. 

So is Jasper perfect? No, of course not. If it was, I might be out of a job. Sometimes the data provided will be outdated, or some sentences might run a little long. But for what it is, Jasper is pretty incredible. It’s a tool intended to enhance your writing and does so brilliantly. 

If you need help writing an original piece of content that needs to be SEO-optimized and plagiarism free, you can’t ask for much better than $59/month.

If you decide to sign up for Jasper AI, please consider doing so using our affiliate link. It helps support us at no extra cost to you.

Use this link for an additional ten thousand words free.

Best Jasper AI Alternatives

Maybe you’ve read through this, and you’ve decided you want to use an AI tool to help with content creation, but Jasper didn’t check off all of your personal boxes. Here are a few Jasper AI alternatives and some of the best AI writing tools:

Free Trial of Jasper

Check out Jasper for yourself using this link to their free trial:


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